Gardner Read: Orchestral Combinations
Gardner Read: Orchestral Combinations Gardner Read: Orchestral Combinations

Orchestral Combinations demonstrates specific instrumental combinations that have intrigued past and present composers and suggests other groupings that may prove to be of equal validity and tonal interest. This book is a thesaurus of orchestral combinations, a lexicon of the science and art of fusing timbre and sonority in symphonic scoring. Few standard manuals devote such attention to this fascinating subject as it directly relates to the imaginative deployment of orchestral instruments.

Gardner Read recommends feasible and tonally viable instrumental combinations by cataloguing hundreds of couplings - first considered in relation to each individual choir of the orchestra and then to the various possibilities among the component orchestral sections. Nearly all of the practical couplings between instruments have been included.

Hardback, 304 pages, 1st edition. Scarecrow Press, Inc. - 2004. ISBN: 0-8108-4814-7.

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