Behind Bars - Elaine Gould
Behind Bars - Elaine Gould Behind Bars by Elaine Gould

Hardcover - 704 pages. Publisher - Faber. ISBN: 0571514561. EAN 13: 9780571514564 .

First Edition.

"Musicians deserve the very best that the language of notation can provide, and the most elegant layout that can be achieved;
in this way they will be free to give of their best in performance. Behind Bars aims to provide the tools for this purpose."

Elaine Gould, 2010

Key Features:

The most thorough and painstakingly-researched book on the subject of notation to be published since the 1980s
A comprehensive grounding in notational principles which empowers the reader to prepare music in a clear and expert way
Illuminates rules and conventions, including both basic themes and complex techniques
Subjects are handled as logical progressions from the elementary to the complex
Definitions are given where terminology is uncommon or potentially confusing
Provides invaluable support for musicians working with Sibelius and other music software programmes
Supported by 1,500 music examples, including extracts from the works of influential composers spanning Bach to Xenakis
Includes sections on electroacoustic music and micronotes


"Elaine Gould, in this wonderful monster volume, has written the equivalent of the Grove Dictionary for Notation. It is an extraordinary achievement, and if used by the next generation of composers and copyists will be a blessing for hard-working and long-suffering performers everywhere! Every chapter presents solutions and rules that will make our life easier, save rehearsal time and frustration, and will ultimately lead to better performances. What is important for a musician is to be able to spend rehearsal time on the music itself. I not only welcome her book unreservedly, but I would also pray that it becomes a kind of Holy Writ for notation in this coming century. Certainly nobody could have done it better, and it will be a reference for musicians for decades to come." Sir Simon Rattle, 2010

"Elaine Gould is widely respected in the music world for her exceptionally diligent and imaginative skills in editing. She has a composer’s eye for details, and a depth of understanding of the minutiae of musical notation that is beyond compare." George Benjamin, 2010

"With the explosion of music publishing software in recent years, the need for authoritative guides on music notation has never been more pressing... Elaine Gould’s book is bound to be a hallmark of best notation practice. I fully imagine it will become the bible of music creators everywhere." Matthew Hindson, 2010

"For many years we composers at Faber Music have had the good fortune to have the support and assistance of Elaine Gould and her supreme knowledge of musical notation... When her outstanding experience and knowledge becomes generally available, the book will undoubtedly be a very significant technical resource for all involved in the world of music." Nicholas Maw, 2010

"...from my reading of Elaine’s book I can say with complete confidence that she has produced a masterpiece in the field. She has been my editor for more than 20 years and there is no one in whom I would place greater faith. This will be an indispensible book!" Colin Matthews, 2010

"We have all been eagerly awaiting Elaine’s monumental study. Those who have had as many years of her editorial guidance as I have will concur that she is clearly the one person with the requisite breadth and length of experience to render a balanced and penetrating view of the chaotic world of notation as it currently exists." Jonathan Harvey (UK)

" invaluable resource book on musical notation." Elliott Carter, 2010

About the Author:

Elaine Gould has been Senior Music Editor at Faber Music since 1987, in which capacity she has edited the complex and varied scores of such composers as Julian Anderson, Oliver Knussen, Jonathan Harvey, George Benjamin, Colin Matthews and Thomas Adès. Before this she was a free-lance copyist, specialising in copying contemporary music for several leading British music publishers. Elaine is among the most highly respected music editors currently working in the field.

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