NPCFingering font
NPCFingering font by npc Imaging (April 2014).

New product ! Now updated (April 2014)

  • OpenType/TrueType Music font for Instrument Fingerings.
  • Enables easy construction of Keyed Instrument Fingering charts.
  • Includes open, closed and half holes, trill and misc. keys.
  • Includes pitch letters, numbers, brackets and more.
  • TrueType font for use on display and print devices.
  • Now includes raised position split finger holes and vertical split finger holes. (April 2014)

  • "WOW !! this is GREAT !! I've been using it all morning. As it stands its a fantastic tool, useful for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, sax, and even horn. I really think you should get this out to finale and score asap, its already saved me about about an hours work in one morning! ... Many MANY thanks for this. This is a godsend !!" J.K., United Kingdom

    "You are a miracle worker! The spacing is now fine on Sibelius, without me doing a thing and thanks for the changes in the pinched holes.... I'm also a clarinettist and love all the little side key drawings!" S.C., United Kingdom

    Character layout for NPCFingering font:
    (characters with a white background are included)
    NPCFingering font
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